My room. Mosquito net is tied up 
so no mosquitoes get in there during the day.
From in the kitchen. On the left is our dining table. on the right is a view down our hallway. If you go out of the kitchen door, my room is immediately to the right.

The dishwasher. Well actually, Rica and I 
are the dishwashers. But here is our sink 
and food prep counter.

Our stove. The gas is in a tank under the 
counter by the sink. I think it needs to 
be filled about every 5 - 6 months. It needs 
to be taken to a shop to be filled.
The back door to the balcony. On the left is a 
counter and you can see a metal container there;
it is our water filter where we pour water we have
already boiled and cooled so that we can drink it.

One of the views from the back balcony. The building is possibly a residence. We are not sure. Beyond that is a dilapidated  building of flats 
and then another building, more modern, of flats.
The view from the front balcony into the Plaza Maguiguana, 
the space infront of our building that is surrounded by flats on 
three sides and then has a road that leads out to Ave de Maguiguana.

Fish Market and Folk Art Market


Two views of a chair from a project Arms Into Art, a project to collect and transform the multitude of weapons that were in the hands of the Mozambique population after the end of their civil war (1992). Member artists made sculptures out of AK 47 machine guns, landmines and hand weapons. 

Below another sculpture.

From Arms into Art